‚Äč1:1 Business Coaching 

After 10 plus years of being a successful entrepreneur, and successfully climbing in the paralegal profession, I have decided to give back in both industries by coaching aspiring business owners and/or career driven women.

I believe I have a lot ot give back, and I am so excited about sharing my innovative skill set with other young women who are ready to conquer the world. I love to inspire others, and lift them up with encouragement and belief in their abilities.

In addition to 1:1 coaching packages, I am devoted to developing and evolving the "Lady Boss Kiosk" community for all of my boss babe and dominating female friends.

I've also developed some amazing courses that will motivate, empower, and inspire all those who purchase and work them. 

The sky is the limit!  I believe in you,  and I will help motivate you, but most importantly, transform your professional and business personas for the rest of time.